UK Sponsorship is a type of sponsorship in which a skilled professional gets funding from the GMC registered Hospital or institute owned in the UK. It offers a huge opportunity for Dentists to work in the UK and the expenses of food, accommodation and sometimes flight tickets are also managed by the officials itself.

When one fulfils the requirement, they will provide you with a certificate that will be required at the time of your visa application. This route is useful for dentists that are willing to work and get experience in the UK healthcare system. This is highly beneficial for employers also who want to employ highly experienced and talented dentists across the globe.

Advantages Of UK Sponsorship Especially For Dentists -


  • You do not need to pay immigration health surcharge
  • You can stay in the UK
  • It can be given for 3-5 years which can be extended further
  • You can take on additional work like private practice and later when your personal clinic run successfully you can leave the job
  • You can study further
  • Bring your dependents with you
  • Apply for ILR

Eligibility Criteria For UK Sponsorship -


  • You must be IELTS qualified
  • Salary- You must be paid at least 25,600 pounds per year or £10.10 per hour or the “going rate” for your job.
  • Personal Savings- at least E 1270 available (unless you are exempt)
  • Under ONS occupation coding tool your job should fall.
  • Your occupation code should qualify for visa. Some of them are
  1. For dental practitioners: 2215
  2. Medical and dental technicians: 3218
  3. Dental nurses: 6143
  • You must have a job offer from an approved UK employer or NHS before you apply for skilled worker visa as a dentist.
  • You must have a certificate of sponsorship which is an electronic record given by the licenced sponsor.

How To Apply For UK Sponsorship For Dentists -


  • Search registered institutes who can offer UK Sponsorship for Dentists. To ease your search and to save your precious time you can contact They will help you in no time.
  • Get ready with the cover letter, updated CV, Photograph, IELTS qualified, Job Occupation code, Evidence of personal savings, Proof of relationship with dependents (if any), TB test results, Criminal record certificate, Your unique Ecctis reference number.
  • The Application form is filled out online. For more info you contact They will help you in getting the right employer and the right job for you.

Is It Easy To Get A Dentists Job In UK?


People of today are highly conscious for their overall health and hygiene. People of today are spending a lot in beauty. Teeth and correct face alignment or face smile has direct relation with the beauty.This opens a massive opportunity for the dentists.

The high demand for dentists is in crooked teeth correction, tooth whitening, polishing and computerised smile analysis and this demand is getting increased as the days are passed, so dentists have a bright future ahead. For more real time info contact The experts will help in your path to UK as a Dentist.

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