To become a dentist in UK and get eligible to practice anywhere in EEA countries GDC registration is mandatory. This is the ultimate goal for every aspirant who is actually wishing to work in UK as a dentist. Those who are not GDC registered dentists are meant illegal.

Steps To Follow In Order To Become A Dentist In The UK


1. 10th standard guidelines:


It is a stage where most of the students are not sure what they want to become in future. But those who are already determined about their future and have decided to make their career as a renowned dentist in UK can prepare from 10 th standard only.

It may seem odd to embark on your journey to dental school in high school, but it will assist you in getting ahead of the entire process, and help you become much more ready for the things you can be expecting at dental school Mostly you would have 5-6 subjects to study in your syllabus.

So, if you wish to become a doctor or dentist you have to command over maths and science. Your all the science concepts should be very clear.

2. 11th and 12th standard guidelines:


This is the time when you have to choose your subjects. So, you have to chose Biology as your main subject. If your school offers maths along with biology it is wonderful otherwise only biology will also go for you.

While studying you can join any coaching who helps you to prepare for your medical entrance exam. Try to solve as many MCQs as much possible, so that you can crack your entrance exam easily. A dentist near you is a great source to learn more about the field of dentistry and the kind of career path you're imagining for yourself. 

Consider contacting or phone your dentist with any questions regarding the field of dentistry and also their career plans. Perhaps you're interested in the reasons that led the person to go into dental work and would like to know what was the most difficult aspect of becoming a dentist.

3. Examination to clear:


Each country has a different procedure to get enrolled in dental school. You have to enquire about your own country and prepare yourself for the exam accordingly.

4. Getting admission in Dental school/college:


Once you get an admission in the college, you can relax a bit. In Dental college you have to study hard and try to understand every possible concept that you would need while becoming a dentist. This time you have to keep your eyes over the exams that you have to crack while wishing to get placed in UK. The exams are ORE, LDS and IELTS.

After you've finished the high school you attended, now it's the time to begin thinking about the steps you could do as a college student to aid you in establishing the path that will lead you to being a dental professional.

5. Getting Dental License:


After the completion of the college, you will receive a dental license. That will contain a unique number.

6. Foundation Program:


This is a kind of internship. This enables you to learn how to handle patients and their treatments professionally.

7. PLAB or MLA:


PLAB is given in two parts. PLAB 1 Exam and PLAB 2 Exam. PLAB 2 is given in the UK while PLAB 1 is given in the home country. This is an alternate way for overseas doctors to get job in UK without PLAB. PLAB 2 requires visa approval. MLA is performed in two parts. First is Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) which is a computer-based test that forms part of MRCGP. For more info contact



This is a English language test. As English is a main language in the UK and most of the classes are also conducted in the English language only, you must understand it properly. This is why cracking IELTS is essential.

9. Visa Process:


It is a very crucial step for anyone who wants to travel abroad. It requires filling of form, submitting of documents and then sitting for the interview. For more details read visa requirements for a dentist in UK.

10. OR Exam:


This is Overseas Registration Exam that is conducted in 2 parts. Part A and Part B. Part A is online exam while Part B is clinical exam. For more details visit OR Exam.

11. LDS Exam:


This is license in dental surgery exam. It is conducted by Royal college of Scotland. For more info read LDS exam.

12. GDC registration:


Apply for the GDC registration process. The form is filled online. For more details visit GDC registration steps to become a dentist in UK.

13. Specialization:


If any one wants to get specialization in any specific category like periodontists, prosthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists etc then you need to get training in that specific category.

14. CPD (continuous professional development):


The specialists are required to earn CPD, points/ARCPs each year to continue the practice and prove their fitness.

For detailed info about any step, guidance from any mentor is must. They have mentored hundreds or thousands of aspirants who wish to become dentist in UK. They are well aware of each and every requisite that adds on to the success story. So, what to wait for. Contact for any help and put a step towards your dream job in UK.

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