Changes in the PLVE Application Guidelines


On 1 April 2023, Health Education England (NEE) and National Health Service (NHS) had a meet up. In that meet after a long discussion about the PLVE they concluded that the performers list will be further assessed as per the policies of NHS that are already existed since 11 Feb 22. However, there is a salient change in the application protocol and guidelines.

For those applicants who have already been accessed by HEE performer’s list validation by experience (PLVE) will be invited in a proper structured process to judge their knowledge, skills and experience.

After 1 April 2023, getting PLVE is easier for them as they don’t need a separate PLVE application form and hence no additional fee is required to pay to NHS.

This conversation will be conducted by the dental advisor of NHS England and post graduate dental dean representative.

Latest key points to remember - for Performers number (PLVE) after 1 April 2023


  • No charges will be payable to NHSE from 1 April 2023, no matter where the applicant is currently in the process.
  • If the applicant has paid the fee before 1 April, in that case the fee is non-refundable or non-adjustable.
  • Candidates who were included in the Performers List under the HEE PLVE route before April 1, 2023 will remain following that route, and their portfolios will be evaluated by the former HEE colleagues.
  • The applicants who aren't admitted by April 1st will be assessed under the new procedure as described above.

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