What is a Nursing Apprenticeship?


Nursing Apprenticeship gives you an option to work in the healthcare sector while pursuing a nursing degree or any other nursing program, in order to get more practical knowledge and enable them to prove their skills at the workplace along with some sort of earnings.


What are the Advantages of Nurse Apprenticeship?


  •  Give opportunity to learn nursing while working with senior staff
  •  Gain experience in clinical settings
  •  Develop important patient care skills, like bedside manner
  •  Patient handling is learnt
  •  You get the opportunity to earn along with learning
  •  After 4 years/2 years can become Registered Nurse/Associate Nurse respectively
  •  You get a job easily as you gain enough practical skills during nursing apprenticeship


How long is a Nursing Apprenticeship program?


A Nursing Associate Degree Apprenticeship takes 2 years while the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship takes 4 years.


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Why Nursing Apprenticeship is better than nursing degree?


  •  You get practical skills alongside theoretical learning
  •  It gives an option to run your own expenses
  •  You'll gain the same qualification as a university graduate
  •  After every 6 months you get advance responsibilities after clearing exams.
  •  You learn good medical environment exposure along with patient handling
  •  You get job easily because you have already proven your skills/ working attitude during
  • apprenticeship.
  •  You get rid of paying tuition fees or training fees as it is paid by your employer.
  •  You don't need A levels or any prior experience to apply.


How to apply for a Nursing Apprenticeship?


If you are 18+ you are eligible to apply for apprenticeship program. You are needed to search for nursing apprenticeship program nearby any health organization. Apply there. Perform your all the given duties sincerely. With an interim permit get graduated and then take NCLEX-RN exam which is to test your nursing competency in order to become a Registered Nurse.

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What is the Scope after Nursing Apprenticeship?


After 4 years of the Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship, you become Registered Nurse and After 2 years of the Nursing Associate Degree Apprenticeship you become Nursing Associate.


What are the Eligibility criteria for Nursing Apprenticeship?


The Entry Criteria to Apply for a Nursing Apprenticeship is:


• Numeracy and Literacy at Level 2 which can be GCSE Grade C/4 or above or a Functional Skills
• A Level 3 Qualification which can be an A Level, BTEC, NVQ3


What are the duties of Nursing Apprenticeship?


  •  Look after the patient and examine their overall treatment.
  •  Routine care of the hygiene including bedsheets and other nearby stuff
  •  Follow instructions of the senior doctor and transport the patient wherever the doctor says.
  •  Collecting specimens for testing
  •  Performing EKGs and Installing IVs
  •  Removing stitches or staples
  •  Replacing bandages
  •  Bathing and dressing patients
  •  Recording a patient's fluid intake and output


What is Nursing Apprenticeship for?


This is the right career option for those students who want to make their career in nursing and also want to give themselves financial support. The best part is that it does not require any prior nursing experience.

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