Great News for foreign nurses and dentists!

Let’s read the whole blog and understand How?

There is shortage of staff in the NHS, so ministers are opening doors to overseas dentists and nurses. The health secretory “Steve Barclay” is making efforts to address the shortage of labor in the social and health care sectors.

New regulations are being launched to ease the process of identity verification from abroad this will enhance the hiring of thousands of health experts.

The legislature meets on Monday, the ministers will present New legislation to overcome staff shortage in the NHS by opening the doors to dentists and nurses into the UK from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and the Philippines and Malaysia to be employed in Britain.

Huge vacancy in NHS, approx. one out of ten is vacant in the entire workforce.

The legislation that follows will be referred to as the Dentists and dental Care Professionals, Nurses, Nursing Associates as well as Midwives (International Registrations) Order 2022. It won't need a full legislative process to be adopted.

It is clear that the DHSC is seeking to streamline the admission process what it views as inefficient processes that hinder foreign workers from being admitted to the NHS.

In accordance with the declaration Aspects of the present regulations for the registration of international dentists can make it difficult and lengthy to the General Dental Council (GDC) to make adjustments to its registration.

According to the British Dental Association said that, although the initiative of the government to ease the way for dentists from abroad to work in the country was appreciated but the growing NHS dental shortage that has left millions of patients facing major accessibility issues will continue to exist. However, NHS wants the patients not to be suffered in any way.

However, critics are urging to build up the number of local health workers, the only solution to the problem. They also said that the shortage of health workers could negatively impact other countries that are suffering from shortages.

The data shows that the number of vacant positions on the NHS in England increased by more than 25,000. This year it was an all-time high of 132,139. There are 46,828 open positions for nurses only, 11.8 per cent of the total. Brexit has dramatically diminished nursing staff who come into Britain via the EU.

The memo also states that the decision will give the GDC with more freedom to modify their Overseas Registration Exam (ORE) procedure and also to consider other options for registration of international applicants, including recognition of programs of higher education that are not offered in the UK in a unilateral manner.

It will also assist the NMC with regard to qualifications comparability and the evaluation of international applicants. It will provide the NMC more flexibility to modify methods in the future.

"We're taking care to hire ethically and with no weakening standards. The additional tests will assist in delivering the same quality of care. Patients should feel confident that we'll bring in more staff that can deliver treatment to the same high standards that we already have," a source told The Guardian.

So, it’s a great opportunity for foreign nurses and dentists to work for NHS due to their high demand. If you want to know the process for applying to the NHS jobs contact They will assist you step by step including the examinations and skills that you will require.

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