NHS Dentist Shortages To Be Tackled With Cash Incentive


A BBC investigation conducted in 2022 revealed that nine out of ten NHS dental practices in the UK did not accept new adult patients to receive treatment under the NHS.

The lack of NHS appointments led to people driving hundreds of miles to seek treatment, pulling out their teeth without anaesthesia or making their own dentures.

To overcome the issue to some extent officials announced "Dentists in England who offer their dental service in the areas where there is poor access to NHS will receive a bonus of £20,000, as stated on 7 Feb 2020”. 

As part of its plan to increase dental care, the government also announced that dentists will receive higher payments if they accept new patients. They have also introduced teeth-cleaning programs in schools.

The "golden welcome" payment of £20,000 will be made to up to 240 dental professionals, or about 1%, in order to encourage more dentists to work three years for the NHS, especially in areas with poor access.

The government hopes that increasing the standard payment dentists receive for NHS work will encourage more to leave the lucrative private market. Dentists claim that the money paid to them by the government for NHS dental care does not cover their costs. This is especially true when people require complex procedures.

A result of these plans, the government aims to provide 1.5 million additional treatments over the next twelve months. The service is not fit for the future. This crisis will continue to be a major issue for communities in this country until real changes are made .

The government has also announced that dentists will 
•    Receive an extra 15 £ on top of their standard payment of £28 if they see a patient that hasn't seen a dentist in two years.
•    Increase of up to 50 £ per patient requiring complex work

Dental teams visit schools and nurseries and provide fluoride varnish treatments, and support teeth-brushing. Mobile dental services for rural and coastal areas that have poor dental coverage. Water fluoridation is being expanded to other parts of the nation to prevent tooth decay.

In order to support the proposal, additional £ 200 million will also be invested in addition to the 3£ billion that is currently spent annually.

The BDA stated that, after inflation is taken into consideration, dental spending has dropped by 1 billion £ since 2010.

Victoria Atkins, Health Secretary at the BBC, said that the government has listened and increased the standard payment for NHS work.

The number of dentist training posts is being increased. However, it will be some time before the changes are noticeable.

Recently, the state of NHS Dentistry was brought to light when hundreds of people queued up outside a brand new dental clinic in Bristol for NHS registration.

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