What is New fast track NHS Visa?


Getting visa is one of the most important formality to travel abroad. It could be for any purpose ranging from study, family meet, travel purpose, medical emergency to job purpose as a skilled or unskilled professionals.

Past 2 years there was a lot of delay in getting the visa due to covid, but the Boris Johnson govt. of UK has now announced an update which was much awaited by 1000s of immigrants who were aspiring visa for UK. This service was suspended since covid for 8-9 months while in now it is possible that the applicants can make application in very less time.

With this update anyone can take their visa to the UK immediately in 2-5 days to 3 weeks, which earlier used to take approximately 2 to 6 months. Due speedy visa approval process it is being known as NHS Fast track visa. It was effective from 2021 April for job seekers.

In the latest fast track visa, new guidelines are introduced about how to get visa as soon as possible through fast-track route, free immigration health surcharge fees, which category will get priority and who are exempted from the facility, about the documents needed and the better support etc.

What Is The Aim Of Introducing New Fast Track Visa Program?


The aim to introduce fast track visa is to increase the nursing staff by over 4000 by 2024 and to reduce vacancies to 5% by 2028. It aims to encourage international recruitment. The visa will ensure fast track entry of medical work force to UK.

This would encourage skilled professional who wants to work in UK. They can now come easily at reduced fees and easy fast track route. This is applicable for certain occupations like the health and social care sector including doctors, nurse and midwives. To fulfil significant staff shortages. Specially nursing staff is the biggest most urgent need.

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Medical Practitioners and nurses are among the categories of UK shortage occupation list. Other categories include social workers, graphic designer, musician and artists. There is shortage of workers so according to UK govt. skilled Indians can apply for work visa under tier 2 visa category. To fulfil the crises of the general practitioner doctors in Scotland.

What Is Point Based System Immigration?


Point bases system refers to the visa approval process for international aspirants to immigrate in UK
on the basis of grade points. It is notified that the job seeker must have 70 points in order to be
eligible for the same.

What is the NHS Fast Track Visa Updates?


  • Priority and Super Priority Services:

In the latest update the NHS has classified the visa process in two categories Priority service and Super Priority Service.

  1. Priority Services: will take 5 working days for visa approval.
  2. Super Priority Services: Can make application within the country and will take approximately 24 hours to approve the visa application. Shortage occupation candidates are listed in this category. However, before applying one has to make sure his occupation category and eligibility.
  • New fee structure for UK Health and Care Visa: 

For 3 years it would charge £232 and for more than 3 years it is £464. The fee is same for both UK insiders and outsiders. On 21 May 2020, the UK home office made the previous fees of £400 for the immigration health surcharge free fee for all NHS workers.

  • Update for those having criminal record: 

As per the latest guidelines those who have criminal record for more than 1 year are exempted from the UK visa. Those who have not completed their punishment tenure and are still in jail have to go back to their native as the govt will deport him after serving the sentence.

  • Update regarding documentation and eligibility:

  1. Offer letter which is currently required is not mandatory but one must have document approval of the job or sponsorship from UK.
  2. It is going to be granted for 3 years upon successful application. After this, this can be extended for lifetime.
  3. No requirement for min. salary as is required in other visa programs
  4. This is a family visa program and the dependent can accompany the primary applicant the applicant can also work full time.
  5. It is expected to be a point- based visa program for skilled workers in 2021 which means one must have to gain at least 70 points to be eligible for the visa.


How much salary will health staff get?


It is decided that the staff will get either £25,600 a year or the “going rate” for their specific job, whichever is higher. With the national Agenda for Change pay scales in the UK, for midwives, nursing assistants and nurses’ salary will be set in line but they will get at least £20,480.


Who are not eligible for Fast Track UK Visa?


  • Care workers and home carers will not be eligible to apply.
  • Those have or had any criminal record is not eligible
  • Those who have no confirmed job letter cannot apply
  • Those who has less than 70 points is not eligible


What are the documents required for UK fast track visa?


  • A copy of passport, for the identity of the country of your residence.
  • The certificates of your Bachelor's, Masters and other qualification.
  • Employment documents: The offer letter, Pay slip, a standard format experience letter, promotion letter (if any), bank statement etc.
  • Travel History if there is any, all pages of visa copies and passport and of any earlier travel history including visitor visa or travel visa.
  • You need to show a fund as a fund maintenance that has been maintained for the last 3 months’ time.


How New Visa process is beneficial for Medical Health Care Professionals?


Fast Track Visa Substitute of the old tier 1 (exceptional talent) visa. In this new fast track visa system, the govt. of UK has placed medical staff on top priority. This will ensure fast hiring in UK for health workers. Last year in 2020 May, the govt. of UK launched a fast visa approval for exceptional talent category and award winners but there was no guideline for health work force. This time it’s good news for medical staff and social workers. This is thus a substitute for old tier 1 exceptional global talent visa.


How can you apply for Fast Track visa process step by step?


  • Before applying you must need to check your eligibility for visa application process. This will include the required points and also your profile should be part of STEM background.
  • You need to collect all required documents and arrange all paperwork (as mention above) in the standard format.
  • You need to fill the required application form with accurate information
  • It is assumed that you need to file the application either in VFS office or online.
  • You would be given a reference number after the application is submitted to track your status of the application.


How Jskilz global can help you with your visa application process?


Jskilz global is a trusted recruitment agency and helps all those skilled professionals and students who wants to settle in UK and serve their skills for NHS. Till now 100s are students and job seekers have been placed with the assistance and guidance of Jskilz global. They help you all your intermediate steps starting from filling the application form to visa approval till you step on UK land and until you get accommodation.

If you need any further information in depth regarding this fast-track visa approval or for any other assistance regarding jobs in UK you can contact freely on info@jskilzglobal.com. The team members of Jskilz global team are always with you to help you in your every need.

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