Job Roles For Dental Hygienists In The UK -


Dental hygienists are amongst the top trending dental jobs in UK. The skills of a dental hygienists are useful in many job roles. Here are a few options to consider during your job search:



You can choose to work as a dental hygiene teacher and work with students who are aspiring to become hygienists. Many hygiene teachers are trained in classroom instruction or clinical procedures. A bachelor's or Master’s degree is often required to work as a dental hygiene instructor.

Public Health:


Public health includes non-profit and government organizations as well as local health departments, school programs, and local health departments. Many public health agencies offer medical care and instruction for underserved populations.

Alternative Clinical Settings:


This option goes for you if you like the clinical aspects of dental hygiene work. In other clinical settings you may also opt nursing homes, correctional facilities and homeless shelters.

14 Job Opportunities For Dental Hygienists In The UK -


1. Health Educator:


Health educators increase awareness and stress the importance of regular dental check-ups, proper oral care, and preventive measures. Many health educators work in community-based health centres that serve underserved communities. Health educators present information on oral hygiene to large groups of people and then work with patients one-on-one.

Salary - 27,255 per year

2. Pharmacy Technician:


Pharmacy technicians educate patients about medications and side effects. They also keep confidential patient records. Pharmacy technicians share the same skills as dental hygienists in that they have good interpersonal skills, organization skills, and attention to detail. To pursue a career in pharmacy technician, depending on their state, some dental hygienists will need to obtain certification.

Salary - 30,053 per year

3. Veterinary Assistant:


As a veterinary assistant, veterinarians can take vital signs of animals and clean up tools and equipment. Like dental hygienists and other health professionals, veterinary assistants have excellent time management skills, interpersonal skills, and a dedication to patient care. To further enhance their skills and increase their job prospects, some aspiring veterinary assistants choose to pursue an optional certification.

Salary - 31,859 per year

4. Dental Treatment Coordinator: 


The dental treatment coordinators check patient insurance coverage and coordinate with insurance companies to resolve outstanding insurance claims. They work with patients to explain benefits and schedule treatment.

Salary - 34,649 per year

5. Personal Trainer:


Personal trainers help clients achieve their health and fitness goals through customized workout plans and one-on-1 training. Personal trainers are similar to hygienists in that they have excellent time management skills, an understanding of healthy habits, and enjoy working with clients. Personal trainers often receive training on the job to prepare them for their jobs. However, optional certifications in kinesiology and exercise science might be beneficial.

Salary - 36,266 per year

6. Customer Service Representative:


Customer service representatives are responsible for responding to customer feedback. They are often responsible for resolving customer issues and providing information about products or services. This role may be suited for dental hygienists who have strong interpersonal skills and are eager to help others.

Salary - 47,642 per year

7. Medical Coding Specialist:


Medical coding specialists manage patient data, process claims and submit insurance claims. To resolve problems, a medical coder can also be available to assist customers by phone or in person. Although this job requires a lot of education and training, flexible scheduling options are available for those with these credentials.

Salary - 47,459 per year

8. Dental Office Manager:


The day-to-day management of a dental clinic is done by a dental office manager. Managers of dental offices plan work schedules, coordinate on-site training, and conduct staff evaluations. Managers are responsible for maintaining office supplies, overseeing financial matters, and monitoring patient treatment plans.

Salary - 52,146 per year

9. Clinical Instructor:


The clinical and laboratory portions of a dental hygiene certification program are taught by a clinical instructor. The clinical instructor creates the curriculum, provides instruction and evaluates student progress. They also provide remediation if necessary. Many clinical instructors are involved in community outreach programs and professional dental organizations.

Salary - 56,243 per year

10. Dental Assistant:


A dental assistant is a person who works with patients during their dental treatment. Dental assistants can prepare patients for treatment, order materials, sterilize instruments, and provide instructions for post-treatment care. They can also help the dentist with complicated procedures, stock supplies and maintain patient records.

Salary - 60,598 per year

11. Dental Sales Representative: 


A dental sales representative sells products to dentists. They can also contact potential customers by cold calling, manage customer relationships, prepare reports, and resolve customer problems.

Salary - 65,408 per year

12. Surgical Assistant:


Before surgery, a surgical assistant meets with patients to discuss their needs and prepares all the necessary tools. Similar to dental hygienists and surgical assistants, they often work closely with patients, are organized, and work well as part of a team with doctors. A certificate in surgical assisting is required for this role.

Salary - 78,957 per year

13. Dental Consultant:


A dental consultant is a person who works with clients to increase efficiency, customer service, and profits in a dental practice. They can also be subject matter experts and review prior authorization for dental procedures.

Salary - 68,064 per year

14. Medical Writer:


Medical writers conduct research and write articles about medical technology or procedures. They also ensure the accuracy of written content. They can also edit educational materials, approve marketing materials and write grants.

Salary - 71,252 per year

Key Tips Required To Shift Out Of Dental Hygiene Career:


  • In-depth knowledge of oral health procedures, functions and biology
  • Data keeping, scheduling like administrative skills
  • Time management skills to get into maximum appointments
  • Competent to work in both team and as individual
  • Interpersonal communication skills to seek patient trust
  • In your ongoing professional process, you may be asked to get some additional skills and certifications. Always have a learning attitude.
  • Network with others in your field: Dental conferences allow you to network with other professionals and explore your career options. Subscribe to professional journals or magazines to stay informed about career opportunities.


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How To Apply For Dental Hygiene Job?


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